Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hydraulic Press Structure and Operation

Hydraulic Press System

What is hydraulic press?
Hydraulic press is a machine especially used in forging, which is directed by hydraulic pressure means pressure of fluid in a cylinder is increased or decreased by the control of pumps.
The pumps are directed by both manual and automatic. Hydraulic drive system is used to direct the pumps. It contains electric motor to power generation, manifold block which is used to control the hydraulic piping, valves, pumps, suction strainers, oil tank, cooler, filler breathers and pressure gauges, gauge isolators, return line filters, etc. Also the main part of hydraulic press is cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder has piston and piston rod (or) ram. While diameter of the piston rod is similar as diameter of cylinder is called ram. Ram is a round bar that attached with piston which is traveling inside and outside of cylinder for pushing and pulling operation. Ram is attached with upper die which is moving upward or downward as per the direction of piston. Foundation plate is essential for the sustainability of hydraulic press. Bottom of hydraulic press has parts like foundation plate, press table, etc. The control panel is used to control the overall performance of the hydraulic press. It has motor starter button, indication lamp, timer, current /voltage indicator, push-button, etc. These are the major parts of Hydraulic Press System. Commonly hydraulic press systems are slightly varied regarding the hydraulic press manufacturers.

When hydraulic power pack is start, it pumps oils into cylinder. It passes on the oil under needed speed and develops wanted force. In cylinder, there is piston. When oil is pour into the cylinder below the piston with the help of pump, the pressure of oil under the piston is higher. At the same time, oil is pumped out from the top channel, making the oil pressure above piston is decreased. When oil is pumped into above the piston part, the fluid pressure is increased in top channel. Simultaneously, fluid pressure is decreased below the piston. Increased pressure of channel above the piston is pushed the piston into downward. Similarly the increased pressure of oil below the piston is rise the piston. Piston is connected with ram which is attached with upper die. It is move up and down regarding the direction of piston. There is one press table in below portion of hydraulic press system. Lower die is mounted on the press table, which is unmovable. The material to be forged is place on the lower die. When system is activated the piston with ram is move downward and sticks together. While this time, materials get a required shape. This is the operation of hydraulic press. Hydraulic press is applied in various fields like electronic appliances, automobile, pump, ceramic and back light molding, etc.

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