Saturday, 1 February 2014

Applications of Different Models of Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic press means, a machine which modifies the shape of the materials by using the compressive force that produced by hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic presses applied in various fields like grinding wheels, automotive, military defense, research and laboratory, medical, fuel cell, lamination, industrial, electronic products and sporting products. Hydraulic presses are classified into various types such as pillar type, 'H' type, 'C' frame ( Open Throat ), Closed body ( Window type ), etc,. Pressure ranges are varying for each type of hydraulic presses. Commonly hydraulic presses are employed in machine manufacturing process. It is mainly exploited to make the machine parts. Each models of hydraulic presses having different features.

Pillar Type Hydraulic Presses
Pillar type hydraulic presses are mainly used for deep drawing, forming, flanging and stamping process. Pressure range of this type of hydraulic press is up to 1000 ton. It’s applied in various fields. Particularly in automobile, home electronic appliances, kitchen appliances, etc.

'H' type Hydraulic Presses
H type hydraulic presses are widely applied in bending, punching, trimming, crimping, deep drawing, plastic molding, slotting and coining. Pressure range of H frame hydraulic press is up to 1500 ton. It’s applied in various fields like automobile, pressure cooker, kitchen sinks, metal utensils, defense items etc

'C' frame Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulic press which built in C shape is called C frame hydraulic press. C type hydraulic presses are employed in straightening, punching, assembling, bending, molding and drawing. A pressure range of this kind of hydraulic presses is 300 ton. It is applied in various industries such as Automobile, Rubber, Sheet metal, Ceramic, Pump and Backlight molding.

Closed body Hydraulic Presses
Closed body hydraulic presses are used in automobile industries, Ceramic and refractory industries, Kitchen equipments, Research centers and laboratories, Rubber and tyre equipments, Pump industries, Valve pressure testing, Wood industries. Other name of closed body hydraulic press is window type Hydraulic Press.

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