Saturday, 12 July 2014

Choosing hydraulic press that’s suitable for our applications

Choosing hydraulic based on its application is the important for your business because based on the production unit of the business, the business can run only based on that process. Some of the industries provide hydraulic pressure as a customized one.
Every portion of the hydraulic press is important to work but during the customization some of the properties are detectable. While picking out the customizable presses we want consider the following are attributes

Usually application uses pressure type is varies, so for customized application, it might be varies based on the production unit you want to be achieved. The pressure choosing may be altered based on the materials to be utilized in the hydraulic press.

Quality control Measures
In quality control measure all of the parts to be considered as qualified one. The materials used in your manufacturing process are an especially important consideration when choosing presses. Most applications suitable for the use of a hydraulic press involve metals. Some varieties of metal may not require high and extreme pressure, so checking metal that is support for your application pressure is an important one.

In hydraulic press the bed and slide area of the hydraulic press should be in the enough space is important. The bed area is for punching and dies operation. The slide or stroke size choosing is varied based on the area to be punched and the application speed. Usually small height is required for faster application.

In the above properties only gives completion for applications. But all of these properties are not assured by in all hydraulic press. Some of the hydraulic press manufacturers only make this type presses.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hydraulic Products Manufacturer

Hydraulic Products Manufacturer

Precise Hydrodynamics is a well known manufacturer of hydraulic products in south India. We offer ranges of hydraulic products like hydraulic press, hydraulic cylinders, manifold blocks, hydraulic power pack, special purpose hydraulic machines. As well as we export our products all over the world. We are very strict to follow the quality policy. Our products are thoroughly checked before deliver to customer. We have the customer in various countries like Australia, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, etc.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hydraulic Press Structure and Operation

Hydraulic Press System

What is hydraulic press?
Hydraulic press is a machine especially used in forging, which is directed by hydraulic pressure means pressure of fluid in a cylinder is increased or decreased by the control of pumps.
The pumps are directed by both manual and automatic. Hydraulic drive system is used to direct the pumps. It contains electric motor to power generation, manifold block which is used to control the hydraulic piping, valves, pumps, suction strainers, oil tank, cooler, filler breathers and pressure gauges, gauge isolators, return line filters, etc. Also the main part of hydraulic press is cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder has piston and piston rod (or) ram. While diameter of the piston rod is similar as diameter of cylinder is called ram. Ram is a round bar that attached with piston which is traveling inside and outside of cylinder for pushing and pulling operation. Ram is attached with upper die which is moving upward or downward as per the direction of piston. Foundation plate is essential for the sustainability of hydraulic press. Bottom of hydraulic press has parts like foundation plate, press table, etc. The control panel is used to control the overall performance of the hydraulic press. It has motor starter button, indication lamp, timer, current /voltage indicator, push-button, etc. These are the major parts of Hydraulic Press System. Commonly hydraulic press systems are slightly varied regarding the hydraulic press manufacturers.

When hydraulic power pack is start, it pumps oils into cylinder. It passes on the oil under needed speed and develops wanted force. In cylinder, there is piston. When oil is pour into the cylinder below the piston with the help of pump, the pressure of oil under the piston is higher. At the same time, oil is pumped out from the top channel, making the oil pressure above piston is decreased. When oil is pumped into above the piston part, the fluid pressure is increased in top channel. Simultaneously, fluid pressure is decreased below the piston. Increased pressure of channel above the piston is pushed the piston into downward. Similarly the increased pressure of oil below the piston is rise the piston. Piston is connected with ram which is attached with upper die. It is move up and down regarding the direction of piston. There is one press table in below portion of hydraulic press system. Lower die is mounted on the press table, which is unmovable. The material to be forged is place on the lower die. When system is activated the piston with ram is move downward and sticks together. While this time, materials get a required shape. This is the operation of hydraulic press. Hydraulic press is applied in various fields like electronic appliances, automobile, pump, ceramic and back light molding, etc.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hydraulic Press plays a vital role in designing the jewellery

Over the centuries ornaments wearing are trendy one among the people. People are always wants to wear fashionable jeweleries. A variety of materials are used to making the jewellery. Jeweleries are esteemed by material. As well as the important factor that make the jewel as worthy is designing. Designing the jewel is vital one in jewellery manufacturing. As trends are always changing, people aspire also change. So we have to consider one is trendy designs.

Making the material in different shapes is the main strategy of designing the jewellery. Mainly Hydraulic Presses are used to making the material's shape as we want. Usually, hydraulic press is used in manufacturing process. There are ranges of hydraulic presses that used for different purposes. We can make the gorgeous ornament's parts using hydraulic press. It is precisely cutting the material and gives the shapes as you want.

We need dies to making beautiful charms using hydraulic press. Dies are available in different shapes. We have to get dies in required shape. Generally, Hydraulic press has the structural frame, press table and hydraulic cylinder or ram. Place the material that we want to make the jewel on the die. Then we have to direct the hydraulic press. When directing the hydraulic press, piston is moving upwards. It forces the die tool to move upward. It makes the press on material that placed on the die. Material is getting the shape of die by the press. Then you use cutting tool to cutting that shape from the material. Finally you get the required shape of the ornaments. Now you can easily make the beautiful jewellery as your wish with the help of hydraulic presses.

Monday, 3 February 2014


In home, we wish to know briefly about a thing only when we have to do something with that thing or equipment. Likewise most of us use Hydraulic products in our life without knowing what those are. So, let’s first discuss about what are hydraulic products. The equipments or machines which are processed with the help of liquid or fluid power, they are known as hydraulic products. There are many types of hydraulic products are used in household, small shops and large industrial processes. They are Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, and Manifold Blocks.

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is equipment which supplies compressive force on a material by piston moved with the help of small force passes manually or mechanically from on end and converted as more powerful force by fluid in other end.

Hydraulic press machines are used in various types of industrial applications like forging, clinching, molding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming, etc. Automatic and manual hydraulic press machines are helpful in distinct applications in small to large level of industries like machine tools, rubber industries, defense, steel plant, plywood industry, ceramic industry, foundry, textiles, mining, rolling mills, automobile industries, jewelry industries, and food processing industries.

Common Types in Hydraulic Presses

Before choosing a hydraulic press product, we have to know the press basics and types in market. Mostly hydraulic presses are manufactured with four basic types based on the shape. They are

  • Pillar Type Hydraulic Press:  It contains four strong pillars to handle the pressing material from any angle easily. 
  •  'H' TYPE Hydraulic Press: It has two side standing pillars to enable broad size of pressing applications from two sides. 
  • 'C' FRAME (Open Throat) Hydraulic Press: It contains three side space to easy insertion of materials i.e., open throat with processing parts in ‘C’ shape. 
  •  Closed body (Window type) Hydraulic Press: This type of hydraulic press has one window side open to insert material. It is featured for small and hard materials.
These types of manual and automatic hydraulic press machines are capable of handling various kinds of materials with 1 Tonne to 450 Tonne of weight. Automatic hydraulic presses are facilitated with the support of hydraulic power packs. Manual hydraulic press can be operated with easy press force by hand. The pressing force is varied from small machine to large machine as 10 to 3000 KN ranges. The hydraulic press heating can be done by steam or oil fluids or electric heaters.

What are the features need to consider while choosing:

Required specifications:
First of all we have to clearly know our needs, requirements and the process in which we have to use hydraulic press. Analyzing the size, capacity specifications and features mentioned in each type of hydraulic press products in manufacturer’s websites is important.

Quality standards:
After well cleared in specifications, we have to consider the quality standards of hydraulic press products. Some companies are certified in manufacturing and product features. For example ISO certified manufacturers are the best choice. Each part of the hydraulic press should be made with proper safety and quality features.

Materials Used:
Proper material used is most important thing when choosing a Hydraulic press machine. Hydraulic press machines are processed with the support of hydraulic cylinder. So, make sure the materials used in these equipments are suitable for your industry. Acid farming chemical and pharmaceutical industries should be careful in selecting rust free material in these equipments. Corrosion resistance coating is necessary for such products to avoid burst like problems.

Thus, you can find out your most suitable hydraulic press products for your applications for obtaining maintenance free long life.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Applications of Different Models of Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic press means, a machine which modifies the shape of the materials by using the compressive force that produced by hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic presses applied in various fields like grinding wheels, automotive, military defense, research and laboratory, medical, fuel cell, lamination, industrial, electronic products and sporting products. Hydraulic presses are classified into various types such as pillar type, 'H' type, 'C' frame ( Open Throat ), Closed body ( Window type ), etc,. Pressure ranges are varying for each type of hydraulic presses. Commonly hydraulic presses are employed in machine manufacturing process. It is mainly exploited to make the machine parts. Each models of hydraulic presses having different features.

Pillar Type Hydraulic Presses
Pillar type hydraulic presses are mainly used for deep drawing, forming, flanging and stamping process. Pressure range of this type of hydraulic press is up to 1000 ton. It’s applied in various fields. Particularly in automobile, home electronic appliances, kitchen appliances, etc.

'H' type Hydraulic Presses
H type hydraulic presses are widely applied in bending, punching, trimming, crimping, deep drawing, plastic molding, slotting and coining. Pressure range of H frame hydraulic press is up to 1500 ton. It’s applied in various fields like automobile, pressure cooker, kitchen sinks, metal utensils, defense items etc

'C' frame Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulic press which built in C shape is called C frame hydraulic press. C type hydraulic presses are employed in straightening, punching, assembling, bending, molding and drawing. A pressure range of this kind of hydraulic presses is 300 ton. It is applied in various industries such as Automobile, Rubber, Sheet metal, Ceramic, Pump and Backlight molding.

Closed body Hydraulic Presses
Closed body hydraulic presses are used in automobile industries, Ceramic and refractory industries, Kitchen equipments, Research centers and laboratories, Rubber and tyre equipments, Pump industries, Valve pressure testing, Wood industries. Other name of closed body hydraulic press is window type Hydraulic Press.