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In home, we wish to know briefly about a thing only when we have to do something with that thing or equipment. Likewise most of us use Hydraulic products in our life without knowing what those are. So, let’s first discuss about what are hydraulic products. The equipments or machines which are processed with the help of liquid or fluid power, they are known as hydraulic products. There are many types of hydraulic products are used in household, small shops and large industrial processes. They are Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, and Manifold Blocks.

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is equipment which supplies compressive force on a material by piston moved with the help of small force passes manually or mechanically from on end and converted as more powerful force by fluid in other end.

Hydraulic press machines are used in various types of industrial applications like forging, clinching, molding, blanking, punching, deep drawing, and metal forming, etc. Automatic and manual hydraulic press machines are helpful in distinct applications in small to large level of industries like machine tools, rubber industries, defense, steel plant, plywood industry, ceramic industry, foundry, textiles, mining, rolling mills, automobile industries, jewelry industries, and food processing industries.

Common Types in Hydraulic Presses

Before choosing a hydraulic press product, we have to know the press basics and types in market. Mostly hydraulic presses are manufactured with four basic types based on the shape. They are

  • Pillar Type Hydraulic Press:  It contains four strong pillars to handle the pressing material from any angle easily. 
  •  'H' TYPE Hydraulic Press: It has two side standing pillars to enable broad size of pressing applications from two sides. 
  • 'C' FRAME (Open Throat) Hydraulic Press: It contains three side space to easy insertion of materials i.e., open throat with processing parts in ‘C’ shape. 
  •  Closed body (Window type) Hydraulic Press: This type of hydraulic press has one window side open to insert material. It is featured for small and hard materials.
These types of manual and automatic hydraulic press machines are capable of handling various kinds of materials with 1 Tonne to 450 Tonne of weight. Automatic hydraulic presses are facilitated with the support of hydraulic power packs. Manual hydraulic press can be operated with easy press force by hand. The pressing force is varied from small machine to large machine as 10 to 3000 KN ranges. The hydraulic press heating can be done by steam or oil fluids or electric heaters.

What are the features need to consider while choosing:

Required specifications:
First of all we have to clearly know our needs, requirements and the process in which we have to use hydraulic press. Analyzing the size, capacity specifications and features mentioned in each type of hydraulic press products in manufacturer’s websites is important.

Quality standards:
After well cleared in specifications, we have to consider the quality standards of hydraulic press products. Some companies are certified in manufacturing and product features. For example ISO certified manufacturers are the best choice. Each part of the hydraulic press should be made with proper safety and quality features.

Materials Used:
Proper material used is most important thing when choosing a Hydraulic press machine. Hydraulic press machines are processed with the support of hydraulic cylinder. So, make sure the materials used in these equipments are suitable for your industry. Acid farming chemical and pharmaceutical industries should be careful in selecting rust free material in these equipments. Corrosion resistance coating is necessary for such products to avoid burst like problems.

Thus, you can find out your most suitable hydraulic press products for your applications for obtaining maintenance free long life.


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